Frequently Asked Questions

What is a petlove pack?

Simply put, PetLove Packs are the healthiest, most entertaining, fully customizable subscription box for pets. Choose your pets play style and let us know about their favorite toys and treats to ensure they love every single pack.

What are PetLove Snacks?

PetLove Snacks are our very own Single Ingredient Pet Treats. All of our treats are dehydrated and contain no additional additives or preservatives. Check out our PetLove Shop to learn more.

How many items will I get in each PetLove Pack?

 Please expect anywhere from 4-6 items in each pack ranging from healthy treats, chews, entertaining toys and handy supplies. 

Is there any commitment or contracts?

NEVER! Our goal is to provide the healthiest and highest quality products for our PetLovers at a low cost, with NO long-term contracts, and NO hassles or fees. All subscriptions are month to month and can be paused, skipped or canceled at any time.

When can I expect to receive my PetLove Pack?

ALL SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS are shipped out no later than the 4th of every month and can be expected to be received before the 11th of the following month in which it was purchased. 

Example: Packs purchased January 1-31 will be shipped by February 4th and received before the 11th.

Orders placed outside of U.S and Canada, please expect anywhere from 3-5 weeks to receive your pack after shipment.

When can I expect to receive my PetLove Snacks?

All PetLove shop items, once ordered, will be shipped the next business day and should be received in 3-5 business days.

When will my subscription automatically renew?

All subscriptions are month to month and can be canceled or paused at any time. Subscriptions renew on the 11th of every month. If you cancel anytime on or after the 11th, you will receive one more PetLove Pack and be removed from the subscription.

Is there free shipping?

We offer free shipping on our subscription boxes to those in the United States and U.S Territories. If you are ordering from Canada we charge a flat rate of $8.00. Almost all other countries will have a flat shipping rate of $15.00. If you have any questions regarding shipping to your location feel free to contact us at 

Does PetLove Pack donate to any charities, non-profits or animal shelters?

We call them PetLovin Pawtners.  You can choose a promo code to use at checkout that will give you a discount as well as donate a specific amount to the charity of your choice. 

Foster Pet Outreach- Their mission is to help at-risk animals with a focus on dogs and cats. Use "FPOPETS" at checkout to receive 10% off of you pack each month and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Foster Pet Outreach.

Homeward Bound Animal Rescue- Primarily focuses on pregnant dogs or dogs who just had their babies.  Use "HBOUND" at checkout to receive 10% off of your pack each month and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Homeward Bound Animal Rescue.

Are you ready to join the pack?