A little about our mission...

We believe that pets can improve the quality of life for us humans, so we wanted to give back to all of our pets by sharing pet health facts in every PetLove Pack. The average pet owner knows very little about their pet's ancestral history, health, digestion and proper nutrition. Lack of knowledge on how to properly care for your pet can cause health problems and pain that you don't even know about and it could even lead to premature death. Our goal is to educate pet lovers so that they can better understand their pet's needs from diet, behavior, socialization and more. In every PetLove Pack we will provide educational information along with handy supplies, stimulating toys, and TRULY natural treats to ensure that your pet loves you back!

About Us

Our Founding Pack Members are Sydney Lauer, Joseph Archuleta, and Maximus. Sydney was raised on a farm in northern California and has had every pet from chickens, pigs, and goats to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and more. Joseph grew up with either a cat or a dog in his home at all times, and as an adult has bred and raised several litters of puppies while working with pet behavior and nutrition specialists along the way. Maximus is the 80 lbs pit bull owned by Joseph and Sydney who actually sparked the inception of PetLove Pack. Since Max is so strong and powerful he goes through toys and treats really quickly if you let him get carried away. Because buying toys, truly healthy treats, and supplies from the pet store can get pricey, our founders wanted to create a monthly box that will give you the most value possible, while also teaching you behavior and biology facts that you may not know about your pets. Our founders believe that pets can improve the quality of life in humans and are passionate about doing everything possible to return the gesture.

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